Legacy - Dark Shadows

von Razbor / Tri Synergy / GMX Media Release 11/2004

Embark on an exciting and immersive adventure that blends equal parts of mystery, science fiction and horror into one unforgettable story ...

Your adventure will involve two very different main characters and span many different time periods ...

1941: A journalist covering the battle of Stalingrad stumbles across the wreckage of a drowned German plane. He finds a strongbox located in the debris. Inside he finds a wealth of secret medical knowledge in regards to experimentation involving a substance which can reverse the aging process.

1980: The substance perfected, that same journalist now becomes immortal.

2020: Now the CEO of the largest business empire in the world, he plots to control the entire universe.

2100: Ren Silver, a private investigator, uncovers pieces of information about this plan that will lead her on an incredible surrealistic adventure. What Ren stumbles upon is quite a bit beyond her typical cases which involve investigating unfaithful spouses and missing persons. Join Ren and her team as she unearths terrifying truths from earths' World War II era along with the mysteries of human evolution. Discover what really happened in 1942 and how truly tenuous the hold of life may be as a result ...

From Japanese and German scientific labs to the trenches of war in Stalingrad ... to colonies on Mars ... to factories that hold the sleeping chambers of terrifying invincible cloned soldiers ... your adventure beckons ...

  • An intriguing storyline spanning a prologue set in 1942 to a futuristic setting in 2138
  • Over 230 scenes in 12 distinct locations
  • Be transported from the past and future earth to Mars and beyond
  • More than 25 speaking characters
  • Linear and nonlinear dialogues with emphasis on non linear
  • exciting mix of 2D scenes and 3D characters and objects in hi-res
  • 3D-characters with up to 10,000 polygons
  • Hi-res-textures on characters (up to 1024 x 1024)
  • Real-time lighting and moving light sources
  • Point and Click system
  • Motion Captured animations
  • Skeletal animation system
  • Rain, smoke, shadows ...
  • Impressive cinematic musical score
  • New use of inventory
  • Over 80 items to use. Many puzzles to solve ...
  • Diary
  • Twisted humor


ESRB-rating: T = Teen (Alcohol reference, Blood, Mild Language, Mild Violence)


Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium III 1 GHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 64 MB video card
  • 24 x CDROM
  • 1,5 GB HD
  • DirectX 9


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