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Loch Ness

A preview by slydos, 10th October 2001

1932. Hidden away in the Scottish countryside above Loch Ness, Devil's Ridge Manor is a long way away from the hustle and bustle of the world. But its tranquillity is deceptive. For some time now there has been an increasing number of ghosts and supernatural phenomena at the manor. At the request of the famous physicist and owner of the manor Allister Mac Farley, detective Alan W. Cameron leaves his Chicago office for the mists of his ancestral land. On his arrival, however, the old physicist has disappeared …

Confronted by strange phenomena, the player has to help Cameron with his investigation, which leads him from the obscure corners of the Medieval castle and the old scientist's secret laboratory to the troubled waters of Loch Ness. Suddenly the detective is at the heart of a very real conspiracy which threatens the Western world.

LOCH NESS is a 1st person adventure game in the tradition of  Wanadoo's pre-calculated 3D adventure games. It includes all aspects of police investigations and spy novels, mixing science with the supernatural and fake monsters with real holograms.

After Dracula 1and 2 and Necronomicon this is again a thrilling mystery adventure by Wanadoo Edition. But this time the game is produced by Galilea Entertainment, who already made the edutainment title Genesys.

LOCH NESS is a pre-calculated 3D game in which the player plays the part of the hero in a first-person view. During the investigation the player has to collect a certain number of objects in an inventory which he then has to use judiciously. In order to proceed with the investigation the player also has to question various people who will give him clues allowing him to continue his quest.

You have to uncover the mystery by using police investigation techniques and an investigation mode. Wanadoo says, that the game's playing time should be 'extremely long', so it seems that it is planned to excel the predecessors with "Loch Ness".


Estimated release date for the German PC version is November 9th 2001.

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Hardware requirements
Pentium 300 Mhz
CD-ROM 16x

3D-card 8 MB
SVGA color monitor 256
Windows compatible sound card
Software requirements


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