Lost Dutchman Goldmine
by Magnetic Images/ Innerprise Software 1989

The Lost Dutchman Mine ...

Tales whispered in the saloons of the Old West told of a fortune in gold just waiting to be rediscovered. It was said an old prospector had found the motherload back in '42, where veins of gold seemed to light the earth. He died before he could file a claim, but rumours surfaced that he had drawn a map to what is now called the Lost Dutchman Mine. Many have searched and all have failed, but your journey has just begun ...

An eventful passage ...

  • Play Poker, down a drink or purchase a burro - Visit Goldfield's livery stable, saloon, assay office, newspaper, bank and jail.
  • Explore the caves, mountains and rivers of the desert and surrounding countryside to find the lost treasure.
  • Fight heat, hunger and thirst - and Indians rattlesnakes and claim jumpers - as you make your way across the burning desert!
  • Pan for gold in the river, pick for gold in the mines, capture a wanted bandit, or cast a line to try and catch your dinner.

An exceptional Graphic Adventure ...

  • Real-time, animated game play with time and temperature changes and day/night variations
  • Never the same game twice - play a different scenario whenever you start a new game!
  • Brilliant graphics, realistic sound-effects - you'll think you can smell a campfire's smoke and hear its crackle!
  • More than 100 different caves and mines!

Minimal system requirements:

  • DOS 2.1 or higher
  • IBM-PC, Tandy or compatibles
  • VGA, EGA, CGA, Tandy graphics
  • Mouse or Joystick supported
  • Adlib supported

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