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Martin MystÚre

10th September 2003


I had the chance to interview Riccardo Cangini, Marketing Manager of the Italian games company Artematica about their upcoming adventure game 'Martin MystÚre':

Hello Riccardo! I'm glad you're willing to answer our questions about Martin MystÚre.

Hi Sylvia, I can try to answer any questions but, sure, something will go wrong …

Never fear - if all else fails, try it the Italian way - we'll surely handle it in the end ;-) 

Martin MystÚre isn't the first adventure game after a comic series Artematica is working on. Especially the male fans might remember Druuna, your last adventure title with the extremely   well-developed heroine. What about your new protagonist? What is he known for?
Martin MystÚre is an international comic character, published in the USA by Dark Horse, in Italy by Bonelli Editore, and published in some other countries like France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Brasil, India, Turkey... At the moment, Marathon, a French animation company, is producing the TV CARTOONS SERIES that will be finished in 2003.

The hero is a detective specialized in any kind of strange mysteries like Avalon City, Excalibur, UFOs, aliens, who is Santa Claus, time travels and so on.

He is a mixed hero, partly like Indiana Jones, partly an incredible savant, graduated in many disciplines and arts; he is the first Italian comic character who, as the years go by, gets older.


Can you tell our audience something about the story of the Martin MystÚre game which is subtitled "Operation Dorian Grey"?
It's a story based on man's recurring dreams: everlasting youth and immortality. Human mind perversion often leads to odd dark situations, that regardlessly trample on human ethics and life universal principles. What would happen if somebody invented a machine capable of transferring a man's mind with all of his memories, his sensation, his conscience into another man's?


Will it be a pure adventure game or will we find elements of other genres in it? And if so, could you indicate the amount as percentage?
I can't give you a percentage but, in fact, the game is a point and click adventure that gets some influences from action games. So aside from typical puzzles, the player must also face a little bit of action situations.


Could you give us an example of such action?
For example, in the same locations MM could shift a chair or could ask Java (his strong friend) to break down the door.


What about the game controls? The trailer already shows a (context-sensitive?) cursor indicating different possibilities of action. Will it be a point&click-only game?
The game has a double kind of control: mouse iconic point&click and iconic joypad control; the player can choose the action by changing the icons.


What kind of puzzles wait for the gamers? (inventory, dialogue, coding/decoding, machine etc.)
Any typical adventure puzzles and something more ;)

Do you have a special target group?
Above all the players of adventure games, but also a part of new audience, considering that the vaguely action adventures will attract also the target of the console players.


What will be the system requirements for PC and will there be a MAC-version or other platforms?
For the PC you will need a medium configuration with accelerated graphic cards; the MAC version is still in evaluation.


Martin MystÚre is planned to be released in 2004. Can you be more precise about the release date?
Not before April 2004 for the XBOX version, which will be the first to be released.


What can you tell our audience about the graphics of the game?
We are trying to give the game a high quality 3D comic style, not too realistic but very detailed and with a new spicy style. So any graphic background is developed in 3D and retouched with Photoshop to get many specific and warm sets.


Anything else top secret to betray?
Yes, we have inserted, in a part of the game, a very nice new mechanism based on progressive time, that will confer the game a non-linear story flow.


Does this mean that there will be different possible endings too?
I can't answer but I don't deny it ;)


Mille grazie Riccardo e molto successo per la squadra intera!
Thank you Sylvia and the best for your work.



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