Mission Sunlight

by Wanadoo Edition / Index+ 1998

8 - 13 years

Explore the magical world of Vincent Van Gogh in great detail thanks to Real Time 3D.

Give the colours back to the world

The sun has disappeared. Save the world from darkness and go into a novel and totally imaginary universe.

Fall into the paintings, but don't fall into the traps!

You are inside Van Gogh's paintings, in a colourful and eventful world, in 3D. Search through the scenery: the sun has left you lots of clues.

Are you cunning and smart?

Surprises, obstacles, traps: be careful, your path is filled with traps!

At your side, a new friend: Vincent Van Gogh. He will guide you through your investigation and will explanin his paintings to you!


Mission Sunlight:

A game of adventure in Real Time 3D.

Get over your obstacles during your search for the sun.

All the sensations of painting seen from the inside.

Message to parents:

Parents go through the painting with your children and happily take part in a unique adventure.


Minimum requirements:

  • Pentium 133
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Windows 95
  • Video Card 256 colours
  • Sound card 16 bits
  • CDROM 4x
  • 2 MB Video RAM


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