Martin MystÚre - Operation Dorian Gray

by Artematica / GMX Media UK Release 07/2005      Italien: Leader 11/2004

Why did inspector Travis need the help of the Master of Detectives?

Was the mysterious homicide of a famous MIT researcher in some way connected to the studies that Professor Eulemberg had been conducting for years?

Were Martin MystÚre's reocurring dreams a terrible omen predicting a tragic and inhuman event? An event that would compromise the fine line separating life and death?

A phone call, the murder of a famous researcher ...


  • And so begins an intriguing point&click adventure. This metamorphosis of events, deals with themes that push the boundaries of knowledge ... buried secrets ... nightmares.
  • A cool head, astuteness and responsibility are the guiding priciples of Detective Martin MystÚre, his partner Diana and his faithful friend Java. Intriguing adventures, enigmas to be unraveled and places to be explored.
  • From the streets of New York, through to terriffying and amazing places the Master of Detectives meets curious characters, old friends, unusual women, stubborn police officers, and dangerous, unscupulous criminals.
  • Inspired by Operation Dorian Gray, created by Alfredo Castelli, this is Martin MystÚre's greatest adventure yet.
  • Dramatic, atmospheric music, composed by two high caliber maestros Lucio Fabri and Carlo Forester.


PEGI: ages 7+


Minimum system configuration:

  • Windows ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium III 866 Mhz
  • Video card 32 MB
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 700 available space on hard disk
  • 32x CDROM
  • Compatible sound card, keyboard and mouse

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