The Mystery of the Orangery
by Wanadoo Edition (früher Index+) / Media Factory  08/2000

Play in the very heart of the painting!

A hot pursuit in the world of the greatest of the impressionist painters

Foil the band of villains out to blow up the Orangerie right in the heart of Paris! You want to stage an exhibition there of the magnificent paintings left to France by Monet?

You'll need lots of stamina, shredness, and real daring to succeed! From Le Havre to Paris, throw Giverny and Rouen, you must scour every path, interrogate every character you meet to solve the thrilling mysteries of an adventure that is truly like no other.

Monet's paintings as you have never seen them before

The adventure takes place in the very heart of Monet's pictures, here modelled in 3D for the first time. Thanks to the magic of RealTime 3D you can travel through Monet's most beautiful masterpieces, from within, in 360°. You can even bend over the least of the flowers in the famous garden of Giverny. Your total freedom of movement through the paintings is really the best way to set off to meet a painter. You can also chat with the old artist and become one of his close friends. Work out for yourself his favourite themes by chatting with a whole host of characters.

To be shared wholeheartedly: a broad palette of emotions for young and old!

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in which you'll experience the excitement of exploration and the thrill of discovery as you move through paintings in 3D real time. Prepare to be seduced by the beauty and colour to be found in the world of painting!

Minimum system requirements:

  • P II 233 Mhz
  • 32 MB RAM (64 MB with Windows 98)
  • 16-bit sound card
  • 3D video card
  • 8x CDROM
  • compatible with DirectX
  • Windows 95/98

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