Nancy Drew 13 - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
by Her Interactive / Atari  09/2005

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Catch this train - it's your ticket to solving a century-old mystery!

For mystery fans 10 to Adult

Team up with the Hardy Boys on a train bound for adventure!

Old timers still talk about Jake Hurley's legendary gold strike and how folks found his private train abandoned in Blue Moon Canyon.

That may be why socialite Lori Girard restored Hurley's train and hired the best in the business to crack the century-old case. But when Girard vanishes it's up to you, as Nancy Drew, to keep this investigation on track.

Ride the rails to discover hidden secrets and unravel untold tales!

  • Immerse yourself in intrigue. Gather clues and interrogate suspects for hours of thrilling game play.
  • Reason through riddles. Enjoy ingenious puzzles that will test your sleuthing skill.
  • Sort through suspects. New camera phone lets you capture images that could help you crack the case.
  • Play at your own pace. Choose junior or senior detective level.

It's more than a century that prospectors found Jake Hurley's abandoned private train in Blue Moon Canyon. Legend of untold fortunes begin where the train tracks end ...

You, as Nancy Drew, join theHardy Boys and team of top investigators on a mystery train ride hosted by wealthy socialite Lori Girard.

Is the train haunted, or is this a publicity stunt? Climb aboard and see if you can uncover the truth at the end of the line!


ESRB: for all ages


System requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium II 400 MHz
12x CDROM-drive

650 MB available hard disk space
16 MB DirectX compatible video card

16 bit DirectX compatible sound card



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