Nancy Drew 17 - Legend of the Crystal Skull
by Her Interactive Release 10/2007


Dodge Danger and uncover an immortal Truth!

The Crystal Skull is an artifact with a power believed to protect its possessors from death. Recently its owner, Bruno Bolet, died and the skull disappeared. While few know about Bruno's missing prized possession, all seek it for personal gain. Now it's up to you, as the vacationing Nancy Drew and Bess Marvin, to join the hunt for this legendary relic.
  • Play as Nancy and Bess!
    Dig for clues as Bess and infiltrate a secret society!
  • Plunge into Darkness
    Navigate your way through the mansion by candlelight
  • Encounter Creepy Critters!
    Outwit an aligator, a spider and an iguana
  • Play Arcade Games
    Bowl, blast angry wasps and dodge chomping teeth
  • Play at Your Own Pace
    Choose from Junior or Senior Detective difficulty levels
  • Erase Mistakes
    Give Nancy a second chance without starting over


ESRB: for all ages


System requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
Pentium III 1 GHz
128 MB RAM
24x CDROM-drive

1 GB MB available hard disk space
32 MB DirectX compatible video card

16 bit DirectX compatible sound card



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