Nancy Drew 22 Trail of the Twister
by Her Interactive   Release 06/2010



Unravel Twisted Trouble in Tornado Alley!

Chasing Tornadoes is dangerous research, but the Canute College storm tracking team weathered more than a little bad luck. Wrecked cars, broken legs and faulty scientific instruments leave some wondering if the $100,000,000 contest is more than a school rivalry. That's why you're going undercover and drivingheadlong into the deadlieest weather in Oklahoma!

Chase Tornadoes
Track and pursue weather disturbances in challenging driving conditions

Win Big on Fun Arcade Games
Earn and spend hard-earned pennies on challenging mini games

Learn about weather patterns
Piece together real weather images and learn about atmospheric conditions

Erase Mistakes
Get a second chance without starting over

Play at your own pace
Choose from Junior or Senior Detective difficulty levels

Dare to Play


ESRB: for all ages


System requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7
Pentium III 1 GHz
256 MB RAM
24x CDROM-drive

1 GB MB available hard disk space
32 MB DirectX compatible video card

16 bit DirectX compatible sound card



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