Nancy Drew 3 - Message in a Haunted Mansion
by Her Interactive/Dreamcatcher Interactive  01.11.2000

For girls who aren't afraid of a mouse!

Follow your hunches as you explore a Huge Victorian Mansion.

You, as Nancy drew, have just crossed the threshold to danger and intrigue into a fully interactive, three-dimensional mansion riddled with secrets, shadows and hidden passageways. Interview fellow guests, poke into dusty nooks, and uncover cryptic messages. Clues, dead-ends and trickery abound ... but success is at hand with some daring and resourcefulness.

There's trouble afoot at a friend's beautiful Victorian inn that you, as super-sleuth Nancy Drew, have been called on to help renovate. From collapsing scaffolds to leaking gas, and suspect fires to ghostly threats, Nancy is about to stumble onto a secret that someone - dead or alive - would rather keep unknown. Are the inn's inhabitants leading you to the truth or a trap? One false hunch, and you won't stand a ghost of a chance ...

Did you feel that shiver up your spine? Watch your back in this mysterious mansion, where portraits have eyes, walls have ears, and a breath of death drifts down the halls.

No search warrant is required to gather items for investigation. Who knows when a key might come in handy?

Explore very room and leave no secret panel unfound - the next nook of cranny could hold a vital clue!

Trust your instincts, look out for traps, and be wary of those who don't take kindly to smart detectives. A secret passage could be your only way out of danger!

Every person is a suspect. Interrogate the inn's inhabitants and weigh how they respond. Each one has a motive, and not all of them tell the truth.

  • 20+ hours of game play
  • Realistic characters, each with a secret to hide
  • Rich, interactive, 360-degree, 3D graphics
  • Multi-story mansion with lots of hidden crannies to explore
  • Original musical score and captivating sound effects
  • Built-in game hints (but only if you want them!)
  • Two "Spy IQ" levels od difficulty
  • Great opportunities for collaborative sleuthing with Mom, sis, and friends!

Ages 10 and Up

System requirements:

Pentium 166 MHz
Windows 95/98
8x CDROM-drive
DirectX7 compatible

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