Nancy Drew 6 - Secret of the Scarlet Hand
by Her Interactive / Dreamcatcher Interactive  08/2002

Beware of Danger as you unlock the Ancient Secret of a Maya Legend!

A brazen thief steals a priceless artifact while you, as Nancy Drew, are setting up an exhibit of ancient Maya treasures in the very next room! The only clue left behind is a mysterious scarlet handprint. Use your wits to track the thief's sinister blood-red signature through a maze of long-buried secrets in this thrilling 3D interactive mystery. Don't delay - unless you find the answer soon, you might become just another part of history.


  • New "journal mode" to keep track of clues
  • 20+ hours of game play
  • "Second Chance" option - no need to start over
  • New puzzles tie directly to storyline and give important clues
  • Original high-quality music and 3D sound effects
  • New navigation tools make it easy to explore
  • Built-in game hints (but only if you want them)
  • Great opportunity for collaborative sleuthing with family and friends


A summer internship becomes a study in crime for you, Nancy Drew, when a brazen thief steals a priceless piece of art. The culprit's blood-red handprint leads deep into the secrets of an ancient civilization. When a co-worker loses his memory in a suspicious accident, Nancy's on her own in a desperate search for clues. She must dig beneath the surface of everything she hears and sees to reveal the face behind the ominous scarlet hand ...

Collect the pieces of an ancient puzzle as you explore a temple, decipher messages, and peer into dark secrets of the Maya.

Though the clues you seek are thousands of years old, high tech tools are your only hope to catch this modern-day thief.

Listen carefully, the truth may be revealed in a chance conversation, a recorded message, or a phone call from a friend.

Watch your step as the trail leads you deep into the past. Stay on the path or risk being lost forever in a twisted maze of secrets.

Don't tip your hand as you dig for clues. Someone wants to keep a secret buried, and you along with it if you get to close!



Ages 10 and Up

System requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 200 MHz
8x CDROM-drive

160 MB available hard disk space
16 bit DirectX 7.0 (or higher) compatible color graphics video and sound cards

Mouse and Speakers

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