Nancy Drew 7 - Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
by Her Interactive /
Infogrames  11/2002




A friend's frantic note sends you, as Nancy Drew, on the trail of a mysterious pack of dogs, whose glowing eyes and mournful howls threaten to chase her and her friend away forever. Locals say that the dogs have come back from the grave to protect the secrets of their master. Are the ghostly legends true, or is there a flesh-and-blood explanation for the haunting howls? You must find the answer soon, before the hounds catch your scent!
  • In-game journal helps player keep track of clues
  • 20+hours of game play
  • "Phone-a-friend" hints (but only if you want them)
  • Explore incredible lifelike forests, cabins and secret passages
  • More than 30 activities and puzzles give important clues
  • Two difficulty settings, Junior and Senior Detective
  • Great opportunity to team up with family and friends

Track down the truth as Nancy Drew to silence to howling Hounds!

A dreamy summer cabin at Moon Lake becomes a nightmare for you, as Nancy Drew, when you are surrounded by a pack of shadowy dogs. The lake's residents tell tales about a notorious gangster who lived there long ago with his beloved pets. Are the dogs still protecting his secrets? They're getting closer; should Nancy run for her life or risk their bared fangs in her search for the truth?

Ages 10 and Up

System requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 200 MHz
8x CDROM-drive

160 MB available hard disk space
16 bit Windows compatible color graphics video and sound cards

Mouse and Speakers



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