Nancy Drew 8 - The Haunted Carousel
by Her Interactive / Infogrames  06/2003




The past and future blur together when you, Nancy Drew, investigate the strange events surrounding the Captain's Cove Amusement Park. A freak roller coaster accident and a carousel with a mind of it's own draw Nancy deep into a dangerous circle of falsehood and fear. Everyone you meet puts a different spin on the story. Will this merry-go-round ride bring joy ... or tears?

Grab the Reins on a Whirlwind Ride Into the Secrets of Captain's Cove!

You, as Nancy Drew, have just entered a tightening circle of fear and crime as you explore a seaside amusement park that's swirling with secrets. An antique carousel horse has been stolen. Now, late at night, the merry-go-round takes off on bizarre riderless journeys to nowhere. Are the painted ponies searching for their missing lead horse, or is there another explanation for the midnight rides?

  • Ride the carousel as often as you like!
  • 20+ hours of game play
  • "Phone-a-friend" game hints (but only if you want them)
  • Nancy's laptop helps track progress and get clues
  • New cell phone takes and makes calls anywhere in the game
  • Two difficulty settings, Junior and Senior Detective
  • "Second Chance" option; no need to start over
  • Sleuth on your own, or with family and friends

ESRB: for all ages

System requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 200 MHz
8x CDROM-drive

160 MB available hard disk space
16 bit Windows compatible color graphics video and sound cards

Mouse and Speakers



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