Nancy Drew 9 - Danger on Deception Island
by Her Interactive / Infogrames  10/2003




Trouble runs deep in the icy currents off Snake Horse Harbour!

A much-anticipatedvacation to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest abruptly runs aground when you, as Nancy Drew, discover that an unseen assailant has vandalized the whale-watching boat owned by your host, Katie Firestone. But that's just the first in a string of nasty "accidents". Is the trouble in Snake Horse Harbor related to the orphaned orca whale roaming the nearby channel, or is there a deeper threat shrouded in the appraoching fog? Set a course for Danger on Deception Island!

Navigate risky waters as Nancy Drew to snag a slippery foe!

Shipwrecks, shanghais and sea monsters; Snake Hrse Harbor's troubled past is older than the abandoned lightlouse, but locals thought the bad times were over. Then a lone orca appears in the harbor, launching a heated dispute: What to do with the orphan whale? When someone begins taking destructive measures to deep-six the town's good intentions it's up to you, as Nancy Drew, to net the culprit before he or she drags you to the bottom!

  • 20+ hours of thrilling game play
  • Kayak in dangerous coastal waters and shadowy sea caves
  • Choose from two difficulty settings, Junior and Senior Detective
  • Use Nancy's cell phone to research topics and clues
  • Phone Nancy's friends for game hints whenever you want
  • Click on the "Second Chance" option and forget your fear of making mistakes
  • Solve the mystery on your own or team up with your family and friends

ESRB: for all ages

System requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 200 MHz
8x CDROM-drive

200 MB available hard disk space
16 bit Windows compatible color graphics video and sound cards

Mouse and Speakers



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