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Nancy Drew 17 - Legend of the Crystal Skull


Urban Myth or Truth?

Legends claim that 13 perfectly carved crystal skulls are scattered throughout the world, each possessing a special power. Only a few have been found, unearthed in Mexico, Central America, and South America. The skulls are almost exact replicas of a human skull. No one knows how they were created or who created them.

Scientists who have studied the skulls the are puzzled by their creation. The lasers and tools needed to create these skulls didn't even exist in the rule of the Mayans or Aztecs! In addition, crystals are always carved with the direction that the crystal naturally grows, but these were carved against the grain, which should have caused the material to shatter.

A native American legend says when 12 skulls are arranged in a circle, with the 13th one in the middle, they will tell the destiny of mankind and reveal ancient secrets. Supposedly, crystal skull powers range from allowing holders to see into the future, granting happiness, or ensuring longevity. However, there is no proof that the skulls possess these supernatural abilities.

There are several theories about the creator of these ancient skulls. Some believe that the Mayans and the Aztecs carved them to communicate with their gods. Others believe they are remnants from Atlantis, a mythical technologically advanced city, or were left by aliens. Yet, it is also possible that the skulls were created recently by modern technology.

In Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull, Bruno Bolet is the owner of the "Whisperer", a crystal skull whose supposed power allows its owner to NEVER die from natural causes.

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