Night Café
by EMME / Pantheon Productions 1997



Discover Boulevard de Clichy, Moulin de la Galette, the studio of Atget, Van Gogh, Monet and Lautrec from a different perspective with Night Café, a collection of so many famous names and places from the world of artists. An exceptional 3D reconstruction of turn-of-the-century Paris, lets you explore these legendary loacations in a game of investigation and intrigue.

The graphics artwork and special video effects as much as the sound effects, recreate the atmosphere of the 1900s and plunge you into the thriving scene of Montmartre. The perfect fusion between the entertaining and cultural, the exploring possibilities offered in this extraordinary CD-ROM provide an original approach to artistic knowledge.

Thanks to the significant role of the player, the player's active participation and an astonishing scenario, Night Café is more than a simple game, beyond culture - an exclusive and realistic interactive experience.

An adventure game set in the world of Impressionism in Paris

  • All the famous locations faithfully reconstructed in sythesized 3D images
  • Famous actors play Manet, Monet, Degas, Morisot, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh ...
  • Over 2 hours of music, slide shows and film in both English and French
  • More than 100 works of art by Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, VAn Gogh ...
  • 80 pages of analyses with historical studies, biographies and excerpts from original letters
  • 1 music CD with original recordings of compositions from Debussy, Satie, Ravel, Fauré, Franck ...

1 hybrid CD + 1 music CD

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 3.1/3.11/95 - Pentium recommended
486 DX 2 66
8 MB RAM, 16 MB recommended
16 bit Soundblaster card or compatible

640 x 480 monitor, thousands of colours

68040 or more
System 7.1 or more

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